Sports Activities & Programs in Sweden: Who Comes after Borg, Sorenstam, and Zlatan?

April 8, 2018 @ 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Undercroft of St. James' Episcopal Church, Potomac, MD

The session lead by Dr. Bob Dyer, professor Emeritus of Marketing at GWU, will look at trends in Swedish sports participation including: Which sports are gaining popularity and which are losing (and why) over the  Swedish population.  How does a tiny country like Swedish continue to produce such large number of world class athletes over numerous sports?  Is there any connection between Swedish nationals’ traits or  characteristics (e.g. fair-play) and how they play their sports activities?

The session will also cover major differences between the U.S., Sweden and Norway with respect to world sporting dominance.  Finally, the results a poll of readers provided by Dagens Nyheter newspaper will be used to look at profiles of Sweden’s Top Ten All-Time Athletes.

Bob has written a number of articles and case studies on sports trends in Sweden. His last presentation to Drott Lodge covered “Hovding: The Airbag for Bike Riders.” He has travelled to Sweden every year for the past two decades with each visit involving a few activities as a participant or spectator in sports such as XC skiing, sailing, soccer matches,  tennis, golf, distance running, bicycling, fishing, car racing, and equestrian programs.

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