Pea Soup Dinner and Vasloppet Presentation

March 11, 2018 @ 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
St. James' Episcopal Church Undercroft, Potomac MD
$10 suggested donation for non members

In Father’s Footsteps for Future Victories–Vasaloppet Motto


Join Drott Lodge for our annual afternoon dinner of Swedish yellow pea soup, baked ham, cheese, pancakes and a buffet of other treats. This year you may even sample the famous blåbärssoppa (“blueberry soup”), a traditional drink for racing competitors in the Vasa Ski Race.

On the heels of the 2018 winter Olympics, this year’s theme will celebrate the recently completed “Vasaloppet”, or Cross Country Ski Race held every year since 1922 in Dalarna in early March. With a presentation from a frequent participant in this week of racing events, Gunnel Hamilton, we will see imagery and learn more about this exciting sporting event that is both the oldest and longest cross country event in the world. It is a world class sporting challenge AND a historical celebration of the romanticized story of Gustav Ericcson Vasa’s 1520 ski run back from near the Norwegian boarder to Mora, having received word of growing support in Dalarna for his Swedish uprising against the Danish ‘Tyrant’, Christian II. With the start of the Vasa dynasty in 1523, Sweden marked its start as a modern state and threw off foreign rule.

FREE to Drott Lodge members, guests $10 donation.

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