Officers & Board Members

2023 Officers and Board Members

  • Kathy Olson, Chairman
  • Karin Weeden, Vice Chairman
  • Carol Whitley, Recording Secretary
  • Linda Cline, Assistant Recording Secretary
  • Laura Rhodes, Financial & Membership Secretary
  • Julie Olson, Assistant Financial & Membership Secretary
  • Kenneth Hamilton, Treasurer
  • Susan Remmert,  Assistant Treasurer
  • Karin Weeden, Past Chairman & Newsletter Editor
  • Webmaster, Susan Remmert
  • Gunnel Hamilton, Lodge Chaplain
  • Lisa Jacobson,  Historian
  • Cultural Committee – Tanya Cantrell, Janet Johnson, Kristin Leedom, Ashley Mullinax                                                            
  • Trustees – Three members elected to serve for 3-year terms

                       Julie Olson (2022-2025)

                        Don Morris (2020-2023)

                        Katie Peterson (2021-2024, replacing Keith Shoemaker mid-term)

  • Auditors – Three members elected to serve for 3-year terms

            Susan Remmert (2021-2023)

            Peter Olson (2022-2025)

            Margaret Schueman (2020-2022, replacing Larilyn Andre mid-term)

    Pennsylvania District 9

  • Arne Dunhem,  District 9 Executive Bd Member (and past Drott Lodge chairman)
  • Keith Shoemaker,  District 9 Trustee (and past Drott Lodge vice chairman)
  • Marit Knollmueller, District 9 Cultural Leader
  • Lisa Jacobson,  Vice District Secretary
  • Julie Olson, Past Pennsylvania District 9 District Master (and past Drott Lodge chairman)
  • Margaret Schueman, Past Pennsylvania District 9 District Master

To contact any member of our Lodge leadership please email:
[email protected]
– Please include the member’s name in the subject heading –

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