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About Drott Lodge:

Our local lodge, Drott Lodge No. 168, was chartered on February 18th, 1910 in Washington, D.C. and is one of three local lodges governed by District Lodge No. 9 Pennsylvania. Today, Drott Lodge maintains a multi-generational roll of over 115-plus members from the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. The Lodge meets most 2nd Sundays of the month at St. Mark in North Potomac, Maryland. Most meetings include a cultural presentation by a visiting speaker or a member of the lodge followed by a business meeting. The Lodge is well known throughout the greater Washington metropolitan area for its annual Swedish Bazaar held the first Saturday in November.

About Vasa Order of America

Vasa Order of America

Vasa Order of America

Founded in 1896 in New Haven, Connecticut, Vasa Order of America served as a fraternal benevolent society to provide a social and financial safety net for the thousands of Swedish immigrants coming to America in the late 19th century.  Today, Vasa Order of America is a cultural society open to all of Scandinavian descent and those interested in Scandinavian history and heritage (see our membership page for more details). Vasa Order and its 20,000-plus members in 300 local lodges are dedicated to the preservation of our common Scandinavian culture, heritage, and ideals; including, but not limited to, celebrating festivals, smörgåsbords, folk dancing and music, and special holiday activities like the St. Lucia Festival.  Vasa Order has local lodges throughout the United States, Canada, and Sweden. The Order is governed by the Grand Lodge that meets every fourth year to consider constitutional issues and set policy that governs the district and local lodges. In addition, there are 15 regional districts in the United States, two in Canada, and two in Sweden.

Vasa Order takes its name from the historic House of Vasa that ruled Sweden from 1523 through 1654. The most notable members of the royal house were Gustavus Adolphus (Gustav Adolph, the Great) and his daughter, Queen Christina (Kristina Augusta), who reigned from 1632 until her abdication in 1654.

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